Friday, 18 January 2013

All About JNTU

Jntu is Great University in India. Jntu is the name originated from the 1st prime minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru. To give fame to his name, the government of India has given the name to the university as Jawaharlal Nehru technological university. JNTU was situated Hyderabad which is a big city in Andhra Pradesh State in India. However after this was located at Hyderabad, there are many sub branches arrived at different locations in Andhra Pradesh. The following are the places where the JNTU was located:

JNTU Hyderabad
JNTU Kakinada
JNTU Anantapur
JNTU Pulivendla
JNTU Vizainagaram

Different branches covers certain wide area of locations and making it available to whole state of Andhra Pradesh. Say for example: JNTU Hyderabad covers all the Telengana Area, Where JNTU Kakinada Covers all the East and West Godavari Located area colleges, whereas JNTU Anantapur covers all the colleges near to Anantapur, similarly JNTU Vizianagaram and JNTU Pulivendla.

A few years, JNTU University has launched the process of Online Bits, for students to gain more knowledge, however the staff is not serious in hiding the JNTU Online Bits before the exam, so the Online Bits are leaking in internet and making it available to the public. Jntu was not taking the seriously. This has become a habit for the students, whenever there is an online bits exam, they are searching in the net for Online bits, and many blogs and sites are making the jntu bits available in the internet before the exam. So the students are finding the relevant blogs with online bits and downloading the online bits and just reading the forth coming online bits and attaining 100% marks in their online bits exam, This is sad to hear that, as people are not putting any efforts in studying and not having any knowledge on the subject, they just download the forth coming online bits and reading the question paper with answers and writing the exam, If this happens in future also, People who graduate from Jntu will not have any knowledge in their subjects, so they won’t get jobs, even if they get jobs without any knowledge in their subjects how can they do the job. So, The Jntu should take this very seriously and stop making the Jntu Bits available in the internet. Why putting Online bits exam and why making them available in the internet. This is the reason WHY INDIA LAGS BEHIND OTHER COUNTRIES.


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